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XXX Church

June 25, 2009

inside-the-porn-showIn the past few years I’ve been getting emails from this ministry out of  Vegas called XXX Church. Now this is sure to get some people talking. Originally I think i was being a bit religious and was slightly offended by what they were doing. So decided to check it out on their website and its quit funny all the hate emails they get and post on their site for all to read. But what really struck me was all the video testimonies of people that had been addicted to porn and how these guys helped them out.

They have recently started a church that reaches out to not only people addicted to porn but those with in the industry. There is a guy on staff with them that used to film porno films and now raises awareness of the problems with it and how to get free from it.3232

These families go as far as to go to porn conventions and set up booths and tell people that Jesus Loves Porn Stars. These aren’t turn or burn old preaches, but young families that really want to help these people out.

They offer free resources to help people stop looking at porn on the internet and other great resources!

This ministry isn’t for everyone to just jump in and help out with and they are very careful to maintain accountability with each other. At the risk of getting nasty comments and emails in all CAPS these guys are showing what happens when we read the bible and obey it.

Be sure to check out the news spot below that was on the BBC about them, its really good. its PG-13

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